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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlights #3

"Art on Ash" was basically a very long and skinny 'scarf' for the sign on the street.
All of the pieces were made by knitters and crocheters of the Twill and Fabric Group.  Twill and Fabric is a unique yarn shop in Nashua, NH run by Susan and Sandy. 
Check out their store's website:  www.twillnh.com.

Sandy did a great job rallying everyone to make their pieces in a short amount of time.

Each segment was made using beautiful yarn in all different colors and in all different stitches.  Originally I wanted to wrap the long piece around the entire sign as if to frame it but it was too heavy to stay put on the bottom edge.  So, we secured it to the top and then wrapped 2 pieces around the sides. 

When it was time to put up this project inside the museum, I separated several of the pieces and rejoined them side-by-side to make a small blanket out of them so it could be easily hung from a dowel.

Here it is shown 'sharing' a dowel with 2 other projects made by my daughters.

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