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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Celtic Knot Bracelet

Last year in honor of the Crochetville Designer Blog Tour I published a free pattern - The Celtic Knot Bracelet.

Soon afterwards Jen from Sage Yarns in N. Falmouth, MA contacted me about the pattern and using it in her shop as a fun crochet kit.  Her friend, Celeste Young, put together a photo tutorial on their blog showing how she made the bracelet.

You can check that out here: https://sageyarn.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/celtic-knot-bracelet/

There are many beautiful yarns for sale at the Sage Yarn shop and they just completed a Winter Knit Along to make a gorgeous sweater - Visit here for more on their shop and projects.

Thank you, Celeste, for your photo tutorial!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Here is another accessory pattern to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - The Roses and Shamrock Necklace.

This pattern has been published in the February 2015 issue of Crochet World - The magazine can be purchased here.

Crochet World February 2015
This necklace uses traditional Irish crochet techniques for making roses and a shamrock.  It is made with the lovely Nazli Gelin Garden 3 Egyptian Cotton crochet thread.  Here it is shown with a simple white band that makes up the necklace length in between the motifs but I think it would also look great with simple strands of large white pearls.

Today my friend, Bonnie Barker, is one of the featured designers for the Crochetville National Crochet Month Blog Tour - be sure to check out her post.. Her new book (Contemporary Celtic Crochet) is a wonderful tribute to Ireland and filled with great instructions to make a variety of projects using crocheted cables. (See my review of this book here)

(If you are stopping by for the first time with the Blog Tour, make sure you scroll down to see the post from March 10th to find the link to a new free Celtic Knot pattern.)


Friday, March 13, 2015

Kerry Shrug

One of my most popular patterns has been the Kerry Shrug.

It was first published in Crochet! magazine - Spring 2013.

Then it was featured in an episode of Knit and Crochet Now! -
Season 4 - Episode 402.

(More details about where to find the pattern and purchase the episode can be found here and here.)
M22150_kerry_300_medium  This design is a simpler version of the Glendalough Shrug.

Last year Carol Chesick emailed me about her journey in making this shrug.  She had a few questions about the pattern but did most of it on her own.
Didn't she do a wonderful job?  I think it looks great on her.
Here is what Carol says about her experience with this shrug:

I just loved the look of the Kerry Shrug but was a little intimidated. Not sure I had the skills, but decided to soldier on. I am so glad I did. I made it to wear to a summer wedding and was actually quite surprised when no one mentioned anything about it. I guess I expected some reaction.

It was then I walked up on a conversation my adult son and his friends were having about MY shrug!! I never thought the praise and compliments would come from the groom and his groomsmen. It was then all their wives and girlfriends starting complimenting me on making such a beautiful piece.  It was an advanced pattern but well worth the effort.

I have since worn it not only with a dress but over a shirt with blue jeans as well. I feel so good in it.

Congratulations, Carol, on crocheting an advanced pattern and successfully creating a wearable piece of art!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crochetville Blog Tour - National Crochet Month


Hello everyone! 

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you have enjoyed the blog tour so far.  I have enjoyed reading about each designer in addition to seeing examples of their beautiful work.  Many of these designers I have met through CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) events.

CGOA's 20th Anniversary

I highly recommend becoming a member of the guild.  Immediately you have access to all sorts of great crochet resources and become a subscriber to Crochet! magazine.  And, then the best part is meeting many talented people who love crochet like you do at a guild meeting or the annual conference.  Visit their website to find out more: www.crochet.org.   (You can also read about many of the designers' experiences with CGOA throughout this blog tour.)

Last year we had a great time with the yarn bomb I designed and implemented.  See the page on the left for photos of all that fun (and for more photos - click here and scroll down).

Since we love all things Irish here at Celtic Knot Crochet, we are offering a new pattern for you in honor of National Crochet Month.  It is a quick project that you can make in time to wear for St. Patrick's Day - the Celtic Pendant Necklace.


In this design the Celtic Knot is added with a decorative button.  The two-colored woven edging compliments the knot pattern and is a fun technique to try.  Included in the instructions are photos of other color combinations and Celtic Knot options to give the pendant a different look. (This Celtic Knot button I found at my local JoAnn Fabrics store in the button section.)

You can download this pattern for FREE here.

Please post photos of your finished pendants on Ravelry so we can all see your version and be inspired!

(If you like our combination of crochet and Celtic Knots, be sure to check out more photos of our Celtic Knot Crochet Designs in the page on the left.)

Make sure to check back here throughout the month of March as I feature various crocheters to continue the celebration of National Crochet Month.  They have worked hard to turn our yarn bomb pieces into blankets for charity or they give of their crochet talents by teaching.  And some have made some Celtic Knot Crochet designs with wonderful results while sharing neat stories along the way.  (See the post just before this one about Susan Lowman.)


Thank you to Amy and Donna for all of their hard work on this blog tour!  This year, Crochetville, is highlighting the charity, Halos of Hope.  They provide knitted and crocheted hats to cancer centers around America.  Check out their website here to see how you can donate a crocheted hat or money that would help pay for shipping costs.

Other designer on the tour for today :  Julie Yeager (www.julieyeagerdesigns.com)

And tomorrow visit: Amanda Saladin (www.desigingcrochet.com) and Kathy Kelly (www.crochetbird.wordpress.com)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Susan Lowman - The Crochet Architect

I met Susan almost 3 years ago at a CGOA conference. I enjoyed her gentle spirit and warm smile while we talked.  After that conference we were able to keep in touch via email and our friendship grew.   She is very generous with her time and advice about crochet, designing, publishing and being a mom.  In the photo above you will notice that both of us are wearing similar necklaces.

These are Faux Tatted Necklaces designed by Susan(www.thecrochetarchitect.com).

I took Susan's class to make this necklace at the 2014 CGOA conference in Manchester, NH and was able to wear my creation by the end of the 3-hours.  It was great to finish such a unique and pretty project with Susan's help.  I love the look of tatting but have not learned it yet so this was a perfect way to get the look by using crochet.

You can buy this pattern (which includes thorough explanations on how to do this technique) on Susan's website here.  At the class Susan had several necklaces and bracelets on display using a variety of beads, buttons and thread colors in the design.

Susan has many other beautiful patterns for sale in her shop - I especially like this one -
 The Kauni Poncho.

Today I am featuring Susan because of her giving heart and her love of crochet.  She has mentored me in many ways and serves others like me through her passion for crochet. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crochet World April 2015

Our family loves to watch cute animals wherever we can find them - in our backyard, around our neighborhood, at a local sanctuary or zoo or even in our home.  In our home it may be a funny video on YouTube or the entertaining antics of our mini-dachshund. Hedgehogs are one of these adorable animals that make us smile and  say, "Awww". So, I crocheted this design of a hedgehog pincushion based on a sketch by one of my daughters. 

The instructions to make this little guy can be found in the April 2015 issue of Crochet World which you can download or order here.

Did you know that March is National Crochet Month? 
To celebrate I will be highlighting several crocheters  - they may have taken our CGOA yarn bomb pieces and turned them into blankets for charity, they may have crocheted one of my designs and shared a special story about it or they are helping to keep the love of crochet alive by teaching and giving.
Also, on March 10th this will be a stop on the Annual Crochetville Blog Tour - This is a great event taking you all over the web to visit with some of the crochet industry's best designers - http://crochetville.com/  On March 10th I will be offering a new free pattern in honor of the tour.    Check back soon!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blue Ribbon Crochet

Crochet World just published a special issue:

 . . . that can be purchased at your local bookstore, newsstand or on-line at:
Inside there are two projects that I created :
Loopy Flower Ring
Paisley Trivet
Both of these projects work up quickly. The ring is made with a thin wire and several tiny seed beads.  Very basic crochet skills are used to achieve a pretty result.  The hot pad is made with a double-strand of Lion Brand's Kitchen cotton.  This makes for a very thick project that will decorate and protect your table.
Do you enter crocheted projects into your local fair?  My daughters and I just began entering our projects in our local fair and it has been a wonderful experience. All of the volunteers are very helpful and encouraging.  Plus, it is so much fun to attend the fair and see your projects on display with blue, red or white ribbons attached.  This past year we took home almost eighty dollars in prize-winnings and even won a Best of Show award for our school project. (see photos below)
Connemara Beauty

Olaf Sculpture by Catherine -
Her own design and pattern

Cotton Candy Vest by Catherine
Elsa Necklace by my 9 year old

Our Secret Garden - Best of Show - School Projects
Our homeschool science project after studying plants
This is mainly made out of recycled materials-
Look closely and you can see some crocheted elements

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scallops and Stripes Jumper

Here is another design that can be found in the current Spring 2015 issue of Crochet! magazine. (www.crochetmagazine.com)

I love a scalloped edging and thought it would be pretty to add it along each color-change.  I used a yarn I had never crocheted with before - Berocco Weekend in Lilac, Cornsilk and Daisy.  It is a beautifully soft cotton yarn that is perfect for spring and summer projects. 
I think this would make a great Easter dress for any little girl.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Formal Jewelry by Karen McKenna


Today I would like to share about Karen McKenna's new book, Formal Jewelry, published by Leisure Arts. (www.leisurearts.com)

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen this past summer in Manchester, NH for the annual CGOA conference.  She is easy to talk to and so kind that you feel like you have already known her for years.  It was fun to discover that our designs were in many of the same publications and I'm glad we've kept in touch since then. 

First of all, the book is beautiful! All of the photographs (by Jason Masters and Ken West) are wonderful and perfectly highlight all of Karen's jewelry projects (which range from necklaces to barefoot sandals).  They capture the 'dreamy' quality that weddings and formal events evoke as we prepare for and experience them.

At the beginning of every project's instructions it is written to first check the Basic Technique's section at the end of the book.  This Basic Technique section is full of excellent graphics explaining all the crochet and jewelry making skills you need to complete every project.  I especially like the step-by-step photos of how to use a 'bead stop' when stringing beads and how to use an eye-pin and end cone when finishing your piece.  Knowing the proper finishing techniques makes a big difference in how good (and professional) your project will look in the end - It is great that Karen's book takes the time to explain these steps with such clear diagrams.  Another bonus  - different sizes are written with varying colors.

And if you learn better by having someone show you how to do the various crochet and jewelry techniques, then you must check out the on-line videos on Leisure Art's website.  The videos (which take you through every step of each project) are of the highest quality and very helpful.

The only thing I would have liked to see included in this book is a list of jewelry tools needed for all projects put together - perhaps in the technique section - and some photos of the thread used (in skein form).  Although, the lists of supplies and information for each project are very clear and thorough on every page.

I wanted to try a project since I love metallic thread and beads.  So, I picked the Floating Pearl Necklace found on page 20 (It's also the necklace pictured on the cover).  I used some light pink metallic thread and 6mm pink pearls that I had on hand.  I was able to complete the necklace in less than 30 minutes and I love the results! The pearls go great with the metallic thread!

I would most definitely recommend this book to any crocheter - especially one who was planning a wedding or looking to go to a fun night out in a fancy dress.  I could see a wedding party getting together to make these in the wedding colors.  Karen's simply elegant jewelry designs would be the perfect accessory.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fabric Fusion Tote

Have you ever combined fabric with crochet? It is a great way to get the 'best of both worlds' - the texture of crochet and the colorful graphics of fabric.  This Fabric Fusion Tote is a design I came up with for the current Spring issue of Crochet! magazine. www.crochetmagazine.com
This design is paired with an article in the "Learn it, Do it" section.  The article gives tips on how to chose fabric, how to line your tote and how to sew the crochet to the fabric along with several helpful photos.  So, if you've never tried this technique, this would be a perfect project to get you started. 
I crocheted the handles with the new Lotus Yarn by Designing Vashti - it has a beautiful sheen seen best in the bright sunlight and comes in great colors.   Click here to buy.
Don't you just love the fabric I found at Hobby Lobby? It reminds me of our colorful springtime garden and fresh earthy breezes ( . . .which are far from us right now since we just had a blizzard that brought over 2 feet of snow!)
I find it hard to resist all of the beautiful fabrics you can buy on fantastic sales nowadays especially when my girls were really young - a small amount of fabric and a few hours could produce so many cute little dresses. Sometimes I would even make them in sets to match!   Now that they are older (and bigger), I have made some things combining fabric and crochet (see photos below) like this tote.  I end up saving a bunch of time and I still get to see my girls in cute dresses. :)

See? So cute! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Free Pattern - Great Last Minute Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas!

Here is another very quick Christmas gift idea for you:


This necklace is a FREE pattern and can be found here at www.redheart.com.

This chunky style necklace is made with Metallic Sashay Ruffle yarn in a unique way - This yarn is usually used to make ruffley scarves but I decided to crochet with it coming right off the ball.  Then the long chains are woven together in a special pattern to make the attractive center piece.

All instructions and diagrams can be found in the pattern.

I think this could make a great Christmas gift in red and white or red and green using the beautiful Sashay yarns.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Crochet Gifts in 1-2-3 !

Here are some more great gift ideas found in a Crochet! magazine's Special Issue -
(You can order this issue on the link above or buy it in your local craft store (or bookstore) - even though it was published in the fall I just saw it for the first time in my local Joann's)
This Scarf Necklace (from the cover) is made with a beautiful variegated yarn.  It is very lightweight and adds a great pop of color to any simple top.
 This Ice Drop necklace is made with a pretty metallic yarn and clear tear drop beads.  It adds a fancy touch of sparkle to a Christmas party outfit or any winter dress.  I would like to make another one with gold metallic yarn.
I enjoy working with yarn and beads and then turning them into a jewelry design.  I often have grand plans to crochet something special (shawl or top) for an event coming up but as the event gets closer and time dwindles down, I end up with nothing crocheted a day or two before . . . . so, I 'resort' to creating some jewelry to wear and be the 'star' of my outfit.  Now that the time to Christmas is getting short, these would make the quick gifts you need!
(In a few days, another very quick necklace design - FREE pattern)