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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

25 Brilliant Yarn Bombs

I was checking my email on Sunday, 7/21, when I came across this article on MSN.com.


Of course, it caught my eye - I am interested in anything having to do with Yarn Bombs.

As I clicked through the 25 photos I was surprised and so pleased to see my humble little mushroom from our Mother's Day Yarn Bomb (at the Currier Museum's 2013 Art Fest) as the third image.

Well, it actually is a giant mushroom.  I used Red Heart Super Saver to make it and never dreamed it would be on a list with "brilliant" in the title!

Funny story about this project:
When I completed it and was testing it out (seeing how well it stood up on its own), I stood it on the floor of my dining room.  When my little dachshund puppy walked by it, she jumped back a couple of feet and started barking at it!  The mushroom is over a foot tall which was just a little taller than my puppy. :) Now it is off my dining room floor and in my garden as a fun decoration.

There are some great examples of Yarn Bombs listed in the above article.  They are truly wonderful pieces of outdoor art.

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