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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlight #6

The great variety of "Lamp Wraps" were knitted and crocheted by many people.

(Photo: Currier Museum of Art)

This piece was crocheted by my Ladies Night Out Crochet Class at Hobby Lobby.  The students were great - each week they learned a new technique or stitch, worked up a swatch during class and then donated it to "the Bomb". :) Some even worked up more pieces at home during the week.  Once all of their swatches were sewn together, it made a great "sweater" for a lamp pole reaching almost 15 feet in length!

Here Maris and Marie are next to the Lamp Wrap they worked on.  They included pretty spring colors, flowers and even a very creative window with curtains.
 Here is another Lamp Wrap from two angles that overlooked the front of the museum.

And here they are inside the Museum.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlight #5

The Fiber Studio of Henniker, NH owned by Melanie Connor and Pamela Michie (www.fiberstudio.com) worked up some great Pole Socks that became large stems for flowers just behind the sign project, "Art on Ash".  Shelbie Connor, Brenda Bailey and Norma Hurlbutt contributed greatly to this part of the project.


This beautiful piece was woven by the Thrums Up Weaving Guild.

Korrena knit this bright green Pole Sock in a wonderfully intricate leaf pattern.  She also works in the museum so we installed her piece in a prominent spot in the Community Gallery.

Here are more of the "Pole Socks" hanging inside the Museum.  (Piece on left with butterfly on it)

A crocheted and woven piece - fantastic!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlights #4

Another group that worked quickly in a short amount of time was all the knitters and crocheters of the Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH.  Elegant Ewe is a neat yarn shop with a wide selection of yarns and knitting classes.  More about their store can be found at:  www.elegantewe.com.

Kelly did a great job getting the word out about the project and putting all the pieces together.

Since this large sign is right at the museum's front door, I designed it to have all the museum colors - red, white, black and gray.  This group did a fantastic job incorporating all of the colors in creative ways.  We all loved the large tassel that they included for the top right corner.
When it came time to install this project inside the museum, I took it apart and re-joined the pieces to form another small blanket that we hung at the beginning of the Community Gallery.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlights #3

"Art on Ash" was basically a very long and skinny 'scarf' for the sign on the street.
All of the pieces were made by knitters and crocheters of the Twill and Fabric Group.  Twill and Fabric is a unique yarn shop in Nashua, NH run by Susan and Sandy. 
Check out their store's website:  www.twillnh.com.

Sandy did a great job rallying everyone to make their pieces in a short amount of time.

Each segment was made using beautiful yarn in all different colors and in all different stitches.  Originally I wanted to wrap the long piece around the entire sign as if to frame it but it was too heavy to stay put on the bottom edge.  So, we secured it to the top and then wrapped 2 pieces around the sides. 

When it was time to put up this project inside the museum, I separated several of the pieces and rejoined them side-by-side to make a small blanket out of them so it could be easily hung from a dowel.

Here it is shown 'sharing' a dowel with 2 other projects made by my daughters.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

25 Brilliant Yarn Bombs

I was checking my email on Sunday, 7/21, when I came across this article on MSN.com.


Of course, it caught my eye - I am interested in anything having to do with Yarn Bombs.

As I clicked through the 25 photos I was surprised and so pleased to see my humble little mushroom from our Mother's Day Yarn Bomb (at the Currier Museum's 2013 Art Fest) as the third image.

Well, it actually is a giant mushroom.  I used Red Heart Super Saver to make it and never dreamed it would be on a list with "brilliant" in the title!

Funny story about this project:
When I completed it and was testing it out (seeing how well it stood up on its own), I stood it on the floor of my dining room.  When my little dachshund puppy walked by it, she jumped back a couple of feet and started barking at it!  The mushroom is over a foot tall which was just a little taller than my puppy. :) Now it is off my dining room floor and in my garden as a fun decoration.

There are some great examples of Yarn Bombs listed in the above article.  They are truly wonderful pieces of outdoor art.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlights #2

Nicole Goddard did a wonderful job making several cute critters to add to our yarn art project.
(List of projects, designers and where to find the patterns listed below.)

I have heard that she travels all over the world and spends a lot of time on airplanes. While she flies, she knits these animals. 

Everyone loved finding them in the trees of the museum courtyard.  Nicole is also very generous with her gift of knitting for she donated all of them to be a part of our raffle.  I'm sure all those who won them were pleased. :)

Chameleon - by Hansi Singh; Pattern found at www.Ravelry.com

Sock Monkey - by Debbi Stone found here

Snail - by Hansi Singh;  Found in her book : Amigurimi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits

(Thank you to Nicole for the designer information)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yarn Bomb Highlights #1

When I gave out the instructions for this piece of our project I simply asked the knitters to make a "Benchwarmer" with bright spring colors and optional 3-D objects to sit on top.

Well, Karen Kellogg and Susan Westaway went above and beyond with their creativity and skillfully crafted a gorgeous project that sat in a prominent spot in the courtyard of the museum.

Many visitors mentioned that it was their favorite piece and of course, it was an important part of our Scavenger Hunt!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yarn in the Yard (A Yarn Bomb for the Currier Museum of Art)

Well, our Yarn Bomb project has finally come to an end.  After it being on display outdoors for about a week, select pieces were hung inside the museum for almost 2 months.  It took many people to make our project a success so over the next few weeks I will be highlighting them and their contributions.

Above I am installing a very long "scarf" for the Welcome Sign at the front door of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.  My youngest is helping by holding all of the cable ties I used to temporarily secure it.

This is Heidi (on the right) who coordinated the entire Art Fest event on Mother's Day weekend.  She did a great job organizing the event, gathering people to help out and promoting our Yarn Bomb project.  Becky (on the left) also put in a lot of time and effort with our Yarn Bomb.  I appreciated their help installing all of the pieces outdoors.
Here are Nelson and Mike - they worked hard on a very hot day to install all of the pieces that were high up on the lamp poles and large signs.  They did a great job and as you can see, all with a smile and positive attitude.
This is Sarah with one of my daughters.  Not only did she help install the pieces but she also hung out with my daughters while I installed other pieces next to the busy road.  Sarah was the one who suggested having a yarn bomb be a part of the event in the first place. :) Thanks, Sarah!
This is Korrena knitting away in our tent.  She knit a large piece for the project, helped install several pieces and worked in the tent with us for the entire weekend.  (More photos of her and her piece will be coming.)

Thank you to all who worked hard on the Art Fest and Yarn Bomb project.  It takes many talented and hard-working people to make a community art project a success.