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Celtic Knot Crochet Designs and Projects

 Welcome to the Gallery of my Celtic Knot designs:

Available Dec. 2016 here (in my Ravelry store)

Celtic Rose Bookmark
March 2016 - Published in honor of National Crochet Month and
Crochetville's 4th annual Designer Blog Tour
Available for FREE until 4/17/2016 here
Photo courtesy of ilikecrochet.com
Celtic Knot Necklace
April 2016 - I Like Crochet - www.ilikecrochet.com
Photo courtesy of Susan Lowman
Ombre Celtic Knot Necklace
Winner of Honorable Mention in the Accessories Cateogory
in the 2015 CGOA Design Competition
(To see all the winners visit: here)



Feileacan Shawl
Published in Crochet! magazine - Summer 2015
Winner of Technical merit award in 2014 CGOA Design Competition

Celtic Pendant Necklace
Free pattern available  here

(Photo courtesy of D.Chan)

Celtic Coral Charm -
Winner (along with Feileacan Shawl) of the Technical Merit Award in 2014 CGOA Design Competition
Features 14 complex Celtic Knots
(Photo courtesy of D. Chan)
Feileacan Shawl
Winner of the Technical Merit Award in 2014 CGOA Design Competition
Features 5 Celtic Knot Butterflies and over 50 glass beads along edging
Giant Celtic Knot Heart
Made with Red Heart Vivid Yarn for
Knit and Crochet Show 2014 Yarn Bomb

Celtic Heart Necklace -
Free pattern available at www.redheart.uk
Celtic Knot Bracelet available at www.ravelry.com

Celtic Heart Knot Pin

Autumn Snowflake

Celtic Knot Belt
Free Pattern found at: www.redheart.com
Close-up shown below

Celtic Heart Knot Bun Cover
Autumn Snowflake centerpiece

Celtic Heart Knot Yarn Bomb Piece
Currier Museum of Art 2013

Celtic Knot Pendant

Blue Square Knot Necklace

Celtic Knot Pin
Free Pattern on www.ravelry.com

Celtic Knot Scarf
Published in Crochet Today March 2012

Celtic Necklace
Published in Interweave Crochet Spring 2013
Available for digital download here

Clare Beauty
Published in Crochet! magazine Autumn 2014
Features 2 large flower-like Celtic Knots
(Simpler version of Prize-winning design show below)

(Photo courtesy of D. Chan)
Connemara Beauty
Winner of 2nd Place in Fashion Category of
CGOA Design Competition 2013
Features 9 Celtic Knots and large scalloped edgings

Large Art Piece in honor of Boston Marathon 2013 Victims
Entered into National Arts Program

(Photo courtesy of B. Barker)

Glendalough Shrug
Winner of 2nd Place in Fashion Category of 2012 Design Competition
Features one large and very intricate Celtic Knot highlighted with Swarovski crystal gems and 7 smaller knots as part of the edging

Kerry Shrug
Published in Crochet! magazine - Spring 2013
(Simpler version of above prize-winning Glendalough Shrug)

Lilac Shrug

Intricate Celtic Knot Yarn Bomb Piece
Currier Museum of Art  - 2013

Sparkle Knot Necklace
Published in Crochet magazine - Crochet for a Quiet Evening - Fall 2013

Sweet Summer Knot Bag

Tie the Knot Necklace
Published in Crochet Today! Jan 2014

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  1. I am looking for the pattern for the celtic knot crochet christmas tree
    http://celticknotcrochet.blogspot.com/2011/12/merry-christmas.html and read it was one of your patterns?