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About Me

I am a homeschooling mom of 3 young girls.  I have many interests and hobbies that include designing crochet patterns and combining Celtic Knots with crochet.

I am blessed with a very helpful husband who does a lot of the cooking and cleaning around the house and often stays with our children so that I can teach crochet and design.

I learned to crochet when I was about 8.  One of my elderly neighbors taught a friend and me on her front steps one summer afternoon when we were "bored".  I instantly loved it and created all kinds of clothes and accessories for my dolls and puppets.

Inspired by all of the beautiful doilies in our home made by my grandmother, I then taught myself how to make various thread crochet pieces. (I bought all kinds of pattern booklets with my babysitting earnings.)  I realize now that it was a great way to learn crochet stitches and how to read patterns.

Now I love the challenge of designing for publications and incorporating Celtic Knots into crocheted garments, accessories and yarn graffiti.

More about me (If you would like to read on :) ):
I speak and teach the Russian language.  (I have a degree in it.) 

Our family loves dachshunds. Right now we have a mini-dachshund puppy named Sadie. She is super cute!

I love to photograph flowers, butterflies, birds and other animals.  I never tire of observing God's amazing creation.

I love to dance.  I studied ballet all growing up, minored in dance in college and now use dance in worship.

I also love to sing.

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  1. I need the pattern to put the braclet together. I made the long things but don't have the rest to add the two things together please help me.. my e-mail is pat.silvers @ymail.com. thanks very much . its a Christmas gift.