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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter! and National Crochet Month!

We love to celebrate Easter in our house by decorating eggs, going to a worship service, having a delicious family dinner and going on an outdoor egg hunt.

Several years ago I crocheted some egg cozies using a free pattern I found on www.lionbrand.com -
Click here to see one of the patterns.  (You need a username and password to download the Lion Brand patterns but they are all free). Since we love ladybugs, butterflies and bumblebees I decided to make a simple cover for some plastic eggs (using the Lion Brand pattern- "Wee Rabbit Egg Cozy") and then use felt (and hot glue) to attach some fun details - eyes, wings and pipe cleaner antennae.

I love how these egg cozies can be used every year over a boiled, plastic or wooden egg.

Did you know that this is National Crochet Month??

I hope you have had some time to crochet AND stop by www.crochetville.com to see the designer blog tour.  The post previous to this one (March 17th) talks about my stop on the "Crochet Express" and a new free Celtic Knot pattern I am offering until 4/17.   http://crochetville.com/natcromo-2016-march-17-jennifer-e-ryan/

Today designers Kathy Kelly, Tanja Osswald and Beth Graham are featured along with a neat giveaway and fun yarn store.

Less than one more week of all the crochet fun - make sure you stop by!

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