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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Farm Animal Hats - Crochet Today!

I had a great time creating these hats for Crochet Today! (Feb/Mar 2014)

Our family has always loved animals - we can never get enough of their cuteness and antics from our house pets to the backyard critters to the exotic animals you find on National Geographic or in a zoo!

For these designs I crocheted with Red Heart's With Love yarn - it is thick and soft so in addition to these hats being cute, they are also warm.  Even though the photo shows them on children, they can easily be adapted for any size.

You'll have to check out the magazine to see the other photos showing all the details included in these hats.

(Magazine is in craft stores and book stores now - or you can order it on-line at: www.crochettoday.com)


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