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Monday, July 18, 2011

Starkindler Knot

At the end of March my daughters and I performed in a special fundraising concert called, "Love Notes for Veterans." We had a great time working on our songs and dances. One dance was to a celtic song by Michael Card called, "Starkindler". One of my daughters was the "star" dressed in an orangy-yellow costume with this knot on it. I made the costume and had the most fun adding this "Starkindler Knot" to the front.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ireland Forever

Now we are up to March and we all love St. Patrick's Day in our house. To me it is so much more than just an excuse to visit the local bar! We spend the whole month celebrating the Irish culture by watching special shows about Ireland, listening to Irish music and dancing all around the house.

I love the idea of recycle crochet - you can crochet almost anything that can act like a rope or thread. I have always wanted to try to crochet with strips of old T-shirts. So the "luck of the Irish" inspired me and off I went preparing my "tarn" (T-shirts turned into yarn). I think it took longer to cut each men's large T-shirt into one continuous 2" strip than it did to crochet this basket/bowl in the colors of the Irish flag. By using a large hook and this thick "tarn", it worked up very quickly.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snowflakes and Knots

Vanna White has been a crocheter for a long time and now has her own line of yarn. Her line of "Glamour" yarn appealed to me because it is a finer yarn twisted with a metallic thread. In February I decided to design a winter necklace (combining crochet and knot techniques) - Celtic Knot Snowflake Necklace - and enter it into the 3rd Annual Vanna's Choice Contest.

I was very pleased to be notified in April that my necklace had made it into the Finalist Round! After sending in my actual project (earlier I had only sent a photo and short explanation) and waiting a couple of months, I recently found out that my necklace did not place in the Fashion Category. But that is okay with me - I am still glad to have been considered in the next round. They have now posted all the winners (there were many categories) - Check out all the great projects and be inspired! - www.vannaschoice.com

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hearts and Knots

Since I am going with the "holiday" theme . . . .in February I was inspired to create something for my daughters to wear that again combined a symbol of the holiday (Valentine's day) and a crocheted knot. I found a great heart knot on You Tube created by JT of "Tying It All Together" (TIAT). His tutorial videos are excellent and so is his first book, Decorative Fusion Knots. Here is my crocheted version of the heart knot that made a cute barrette for my daughters to wear to a Valentine's Day party.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas in July

Christmas and many other holidays always inspire me to craft and create. This past Christmas my family and I went to see an Irish traditional folk band - "Cherish the Ladies". I wanted to go wearing something festive and celtic so I designed and knotted this necklace - Christmas Celtic Knot Necklace. I used metallic cording, glass beads and wire and wore it with a plain light green sweater (as seen in the photo) so my creation was "center stage".

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I love the fourth of July. It's the official start to summer and a great day to appreciate our freedom. It's also a time to hear children playing in pools and a time to smell barbecues cooking. It's a time to hear oohs and ahhs during the fireworks and a time to smell the sweet scent of fresh cut grass. It's a time to relax with family and stay outside all day. And it's a time to . . . . . .
add yarn graffiti to your property!

All across the world crocheters and knitters are adding yarn creations to their local landscape - sometimes at night and in secret and sometimes when commissioned by an area agency. The contrast of the soft textures of yarn and the hard edges of buildings makes one stop and stare and hopefully appreciate it's unexpected beauty and warmth. This creative use of yarn is called "yarn bombing" or "yarn graffiti". It intrigues me and has gotten my mind going with all sorts of neat ideas.

Here are a few of my ideas realized in honor of this fourth of July and in honor of the men and women who are working hard apart from their families and friends to keep us safe and free.