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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fabric Fusion Tote

Have you ever combined fabric with crochet? It is a great way to get the 'best of both worlds' - the texture of crochet and the colorful graphics of fabric.  This Fabric Fusion Tote is a design I came up with for the current Spring issue of Crochet! magazine. www.crochetmagazine.com
This design is paired with an article in the "Learn it, Do it" section.  The article gives tips on how to chose fabric, how to line your tote and how to sew the crochet to the fabric along with several helpful photos.  So, if you've never tried this technique, this would be a perfect project to get you started. 
I crocheted the handles with the new Lotus Yarn by Designing Vashti - it has a beautiful sheen seen best in the bright sunlight and comes in great colors.   Click here to buy.
Don't you just love the fabric I found at Hobby Lobby? It reminds me of our colorful springtime garden and fresh earthy breezes ( . . .which are far from us right now since we just had a blizzard that brought over 2 feet of snow!)
I find it hard to resist all of the beautiful fabrics you can buy on fantastic sales nowadays especially when my girls were really young - a small amount of fabric and a few hours could produce so many cute little dresses. Sometimes I would even make them in sets to match!   Now that they are older (and bigger), I have made some things combining fabric and crochet (see photos below) like this tote.  I end up saving a bunch of time and I still get to see my girls in cute dresses. :)

See? So cute! :)