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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I have always loved this time of year. I love to see the decorations up in stores and homes. I love to see the lights shining at night. I love to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies. I love going to special Christmas services where you can join with others in singing about the wonder of Christ's birth.

As a child growing up I loved these things, too and I often hand made most of the gifts I gave to family and friends. Many of those gifts were crocheted, too. I would spend a lot of time brainstorming about what kind of gifts each person would like and how I would make it for them.

My mother likes the delicate lace from the Victorian era so I took to making many Christmas ornaments for her using thread crochet and the tiny steel hooks (that I inherited from my grandmother). I liked how the projects worked up quicker than a sweater or afghan and once finished with ribbon, glitter or bead embellishments, they turned out quite stunning.

This year I took out some of the lace crochet Christmas pattern booklets that I have and crocheted them with medium weight yarn and an H hook. I love the result and have plans to applique them on to Christmas gift bags.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Necklaces

I love to crochet jewelry because it can be such a quick project with great results. Here are some Christmas themed necklaces I made recently to wear to our Crochet Workshops. I never seem to tire of the Christmas color combinations - red, green, white and gold.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Handmade Gift Bags

My Grandmother has been doing recycling projects for as long as I can remember. One of her best ideas has been to make fabric gift bags for Christmas. She and my mom have made several over the past 20 years using all kinds of fabrics and sentimental family pieces (remnants from dresses handmade, doilies from great-grandmothers, fabric from wedding gowns, etc.)

I, of course, have enjoyed carrying on the tradition and not just at Christmastime. Making up the basic bag is easy - as easy as a pillow case. Then adding a crocheted motif with embellishments is the fun part! I love that the wrapping can be just as pretty as the gift inside and the recipient can use the gift bag to hold something special each time remembering the giver! :) (In our family we re-use all of the gift bags made each year so each year we have added enjoyment to our gift-giving as we handle the precious and beautiful "works of art" we have made - plus, we save a lot on wrapping paper and time!)

Here are some of the gift bags I have made recently. The snowflakes were for Christmastime last year, the Purple flower was for a friend's birthday (the bag was made out of an old pair of her pajama pants!) and the White Rose bag was made for a new bride (who's wedding colors were blue and white).

Christmas Crochet Workshop

We had a fun time last Saturday with a group of parents and their children at a local craft store. Everyone learned the basics of crochet and all the children walked out wearing their own Christmas necklace. Some parents even tried moving beyond the chain stitch and tried their hand at single crochet to make a candy cane ornament. (I used a variation of a free pattern I found on-line at www.PlanetJune.com.)Here are some photos of a variety of crocheted Christmas ornaments that we decorated the room with for inspiration!