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Crochet Class Feedback

During the last class of each semester, I collect anonymous Class/Instructor Feedback forms from each student - here is a sampling of what has been written over the past 5 years:

"I really enjoyed this class. It was fun and I learned a lot!" - 2006

"I thought the instructor was great!  She didn't rush through anything and repeated everything." - 2006

"Thank you so much - I feel I am now able to read instructions and complete the projects I've always wanted to. " - 2006

Jennifer "carefully explains the steps, uses visuals and is patient" - 2007

"This is the 2nd crochet class that I have taken - This one was GREAT!  I learned so much more and I actually really enjoy the craft - so thank you for that!" - 2008

Jennifer is "very laid back and encouraging. I enjoyed the variety and not just concentrating on one thing." - 2008

Jennifer is "DELIGHTFUL!! Helpful and very understanding. " - 2008

Jennifer's style is "Perfect," with "good personal attention and suggestions." She is "relaxed, motivating to try new and different patterns." 2010

Jennifer's classes were: "Great! We could learn and socialize!" 2010

"Love your class!" 2011