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Monday, June 15, 2015

Ladies Night Out Crochet Class - Spring 2015


This spring we had a great group of ladies who made beautiful Friendship Shawls.

We all worked from a free pattern called, "Half Granny Square Instructions" by Ambar E. Rivera.

Everyone loved how the shawl worked up quickly and the increases in each row were simple to figure out. 

We used Red Heart's Unforgettable yarn
 in a variety of colorways.

Jenn crocheted this shawl using the  "Springtime" color (#3932) and some beautiful glass beads.

Mona made this shawl in the "Dragonfly"
(# 3935) and added some perfect blue-green glass beads.

Pam crocheted this lovely shawl in "Cappucino" (#9942) and gave it to a young woman recovering from injuries due to a bad fall.

We added the edging that you can find here in the free pattern by Doris Chan called, "The All Shawl". 

The shawls look great from the front and back - the yarn creates the change in color all on its own.

Here are some close-up photos of the details.
(Be sure to check out the Student Gallery page to the LEFT for more photos of these projects and others!)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mandala Wall Art

In the current June 2015 issue of Crochet World you will find the pattern to make this crochet art project.  It is also the Winner's Circle design for this issue.  The issue is on sale now in bookstores and craft stores or you can buy it on-line here.

I crocheted it in some vibrant colors of Omega Sinfonia yarn which is a cotton fiber that is thinner than the usual cotton yarn used for dishcloths.

Image result for omega sinfonia yarn
Of course, this project can be made into a doily that lies on a table but in my house that would put it at too great a risk for getting something spilled on it! I love the fact that crochet is so versatile that it can be mounted onto a metal ring and hung as a unique summer decoration on your wall.  Please send me a photo of your finished project or post it on Ravelry - I look forward to seeing your color choices!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Feileacan Shawl - Gaelic for "Butterfly"

I love butterflies.  Their grace and beauty always catch my attention and I smile as I watch one flutter by.  If I have time, I run to grab my camera and try to photograph the visitor - I never tire of the challenge it is to catch them in a photo frame.  This is a gray hairstreak that visited our backyard earlier this spring.

For the 2014 CGOA Design Competition I decided to incorporate the butterfly shape into a new Celtic Knot design.  I carefully created the butterfly motifs with the over-under woven details. (Feileacan (pronounced "Fay - leh - kahn") means 'butterfly' in Gaelic.) Then I linked them together so they would cascade down the center of the back of the shawl.  For each side I came up with a stitch that mimics the patterns found in butterfly wings.

I was thrilled to have this design and my Celtic Coral Charm selected as the Technical Merit Award winner sponsored by Designing Vashti.
Now you can make a Feileacan Shawl by following the instructions in the Summer 2015 issue of Crochet! magazine.

I used the new Lotus Yarn by Designing Vashti in the Teal Glimmer color.  I love how the yarn has a unique sparkle in the bright sunshine.  You can purchase this yarn here.

Make sure to check my Ravelry page (here) for this design since there are corrections to the printed instructions.